About Me

Hello and welcome to Life in My Wallet!! My name is Nickeisha and i am the big sister of 3 beautiful children Royan, Chloe and Cory.


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I am a full-time business and finance student and General Manager by day and part-time blogger at night. (Yes i know my days are full lol) but i love it. 

Since moving to a country far away from my family, I’ve learnt ways to save and make money to become financially independent and secure a stable financial future. It is through the tips and tricks, that i have lived by the past 5 years, that allows me to now pay for college full-time without student loans. 


I am also from a very large family so ive learnt ways to deals with relationships both platonic and intimate. Life hacks to make life easier and less expensive.


I have learnt many things both on my own and from others and i hope i can teach you something too while on my financial journey! 


Happy reading and thank you for stopping by!!! 💖💖💖