Blogging Tools & Resources

Blog resources and tools
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I complied this list of blogging tools and resources that I use now or have used in the beginning of my blog. Due to the fact that I mainly focus on living on a budget, most of these resources are free or very affordable.


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If you are looking for a place to start your WordPress blog, Bluehost is an affordable web hosting company. When I decided to switch from shared hosting to a self hosted platform I chose Bluehost because they are very inexpensive. I started my hosting at $4/per month. It is one of the top hosting companies right now.  Self hosting gives you more control over your website plus their support personnel are awesome.


There are many free and premium themes out there. I am using a theme from Rara Themes, which has both paid and free themes. They have beautiful feminine themes that are free if you’re not ready to pay for your theme.


Graphic Design
Canva is an amazing site for designing pins and blog photos.
PicMonkey is also great for creating pins and blog graphics
Pixlr is a free photo editor for those who can not afford adobe photor editor.


Free stock photos



Sites That Pay to Blog

Her view from home offers freelance writing about health, grief, kids, style etc. They pay per unique views. The higher your views are the more you get paid.

Money pantry is an exceptional site that pays you for blog posts related to making or saving money. They pay between $30 to $150 per post.



Social Media Scheduling

Boardboaster is what I use to schedule my pins to groups boards.Boardbooster

You can start a free trial and see if it works for you.


Tailwindapp I use to schedule other people’s pins to my boards and also to add my content to tailwindapp tribes. Tailwind drives a lot of traffic to my blog.

They also offer a month free trial.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite
Free courses

How to start a blog, step by step guide is an in-depth blog post about how to start a blog.

Build a profitable blog covers lessons from traffic building to affiliate marketing

Grow & monetize your blog is a 7 day course about growing your traffic and making money while blogging.

Affiliate marketing 101 teaches the basics of affiliate marketing and how to use it to monetize your blog.

5 days and 5 ways to boost your blog traffic is a great course about driving traffic to your blog.



WordPress Plug Ins/ Web Analytics

Yoast Seo is an amazing plug in used in optimizing your blog’s SEO score.

WP Smush compress your png & jpeg images without losing their quality, while preventing the reduction in your site’s speed.

Akismet has blocked spam comments from my site from day one!

Google Analytics MonsterInsights for wordpress tells you where your traffic comes from, the number of visits and page-views. Make sure to sign up a Goodle Analytics page for your site.



If you’re a writer of any kind, you need Grammarly to check your work for spelling errors, grammatical errors etc. In my excitement to post, sometimes i make errors in my posts that Grammarly fixes for me.


Email Marketing

In the beginning i was using the free Mailchimp email marketing but when i started offering free printables on my site i realized it just wasn’t working for me so i switched to Convertkit. ConvertKitTo be honest, i was skeptical to go from free to paid but it is so worth it! I do recommend that in starting off your blog, you use Mailchimp first to familiarize yourself with email marketing.





Facebook groups

I am a member of each of these facebook groups and while they are not in any of my top 3 sources of traffic. I really couldn’t have built my site without the help of these members.

Pinterest group boards
Connect and cultivate
Creative ninja nation
Making sense of cents
Create and go