Blogging for beginner. What they dont tell you about bloggingBlogging

How to start a blog? Step by step guide

Starting a blog might seem mind boggling but with help and a step to step guide on how to get start, you will find the process a breeze. When I started my blog as a hobby, I never thought about making money from it. Why did I start a blog then? I am a very quiet person but I have …

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Personal Finance

How to Quickly Pay Off Debt

Debt is a giant pain in our hides! Admit it, sometimes we put ourselves in financial problems because we don’t know how to properly manage our money. Sometimes, life happens and we don’t have much of a choice but to be in debt. Nothing puts a financial strain on your life like debt does. Whether it is credit card, student …

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How to build an emergency fund on low incomePersonal Finance

How to build an emergency fund with low income

Emergency funds are life savers, literally! It is extremely important that every household have an emergency fund stashed away. Emergencies are unexpected and sometimes expensive. Imagine being unemployed for a few months, do you have a financial cushion that will carry you through those months? If there isn’t one, you will only find yourself in debt and more debt. Credit …

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Relationship tips for womenlifestyle

12 Tips for Relationship Success

  We as women have grown up watching and reading the fairly tales, hoping one day the magic will happen to us. The hard truth is that, life is no fairly tale and we know it. We wonder everyday what happened to the good and Godly men in this world? They are almost extinct; non-existent, but there are still good …

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Lifestye and finance changeslifestyle, Personal Finance

50 Life and Financial Changes

Life is a beautiful complicated mess. Things changes. So many times we find ourselves stuck and unhappy in a automatic routine. We have all been in a funk before and i found that making small changes to our lifestyle is very rewarding. These small changes can impact life in happy and healthy ways. We always make time for the big …

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Work from home jobs for stay at home moms or dadsPersonal Finance

Companies that offer work from home jobs

Work from home jobs? Heck yes! I decided to write this blog post as my goal for 2018 is to have work from home jobs and I know there are thousands of people who share the same goal. There is a large percentage of parents who want to live the dream of having the best of both worlds: a career …

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Inexpensive ideas for fall dates

Woot woot!! Fall dates!  Hallelujah Praise the Lord fall is here!!!! I LOVE FALL!!! Can you tell?? Having lived in the UK, i am so used to the cardigans and boots and the cool air and CUDDLING, cant leave that out haha. (I don’t know about you but once fall begins i start playing Christmas music). For some reason i …

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Make money at home online or as side jobsPersonal Finance

7 Side Hustles To Make Over $1000 Per Month

  Side hustles are great to supplement an income. It’s something I’ve done since I was 20 years old. Many stay at home moms and dads find side hustles to be a great way to help with: bills car mortgage payment  pay off debt save for college tuition save for early retirement for vacations The list of reasons are limitless …

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Save money long termPersonal Finance

Tips and Ideas to save money

Everyone needs to save money whether you’re supplemented by a large income or not. Saving is a huge financial aspect of our lives. Unexpected situations arise where we have to rely on our savings  to get us through. This could be a great way to save for your emergency funds.  To save, you do not need a large monthly income, …

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Personal Finance

Christmas 12 Weeks Savings Challenge

The countdown for Christmas has officially begun people! It is that time of year where we do a lot of shopping and decorating but don’t forget to set a budget. To help save for those Christmas gifts you have to buy, here is a 12 weeks savings challenge sheet.



12 weeks saving money Challenge



















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