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 Many including myself dream of earning passive income. Not every passive income ideas works for everyone, so the decision to go with one or several depends on your time, personality and whether or not you’re willing to take a risk. From this list, I have started several income streams and I am patiently awaiting more conversions.


To generate passive income is hard work. It requires an investment of your time or money, sometimes with little or no returns even after a period of time. I think it is a risk taken because the outcome can go in your favor or not. With that said, let’s get started on the list. 


Cash back credit cards

It is without a doubt an easy way to earn passive income. Obviously this revenue stream won’t make you rich, but it will help on some financial setbacks. You are already spending money daily, no harm in earning back some of that money. There are some credit cards out there that offers cash back on many retailers. Do your  research to see which one best suits your needs.


Affiliate marketing

Most people believe that for them to make money from affiliate marketing they need to have a blog. Wrong. The first affiliate sale I ever made was on pinterest using Shop Style Collective and my blog was never and still isn’t linked to my shop style account. Luckily, there are some retailers who do not require a blog for you to make affiliate sales. Another example is the Amazon Affiliate Program. To drive traffic to my looks, I use pinterest and post to fashion and beauty boards.


High Yield Saving Account

You can grow interest on your savings account. Supercharge your savings account with banks that offer higher interest rate on your money. I use Barclays Online Saving where they offer 1.30% APY. Other top interest rate banks include Capital One, and Discover. All of which offer high yield savings accounts.


Crowdfunded Real estate Investments

Real estate Crowdfunding has made it easy for individuals to invest in residential and commercial real estate with established developers. Just like developers, you can build a portfolio and reinvest money earned into other real estate opportunities.
Fundrise Investor is one such crowdfunding investor that anyone can invest and build a real estate portfolio with.



There are online brokers that allow you to buy stocks with minimum dollar amounts. Online investing has become very accessible. There are stock brokers such as stockpile that allows buying and selling of stocks as low as $1 that are done via batch purchasing. Batch trading or purchasing is the accumulation of orders executed at the same time; multiple buy and sell orders in one transaction. Stockpile also allows you to open custodial accounts for your children. Another online stock broker is TD Ameritrade. I strongly suggest you do your research on trading before you get started.


Self Publish Books

Making and selling your own eBook has become easy especially with Amazon. This is my number one passive income idea as a writer. Once you publish your book and it attract readers and buyers, it is a great passive income as your book will always be out there. I self published two years ago and to this day I am still earning money from it. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing makes it easy for you to do this. Typically I average around 400 digital downloads per month netting around $750 per month after they have deducted their fees. 


Start A Blog/Online Business and Use Affiliate Marketing

Personally I think blogging is not a passive income stream. There is a lot of constant work that goes into blogging. However, the products and services you promote on your blog can earn passive income over a period of time. It is extremely easy to start a blog, especially on a budget. With my discount code you guys can start a WordPress blog for $3.95/month, a price that I negotiated with Bluehost. To be frank, making a blog is easy and exciting, however, to make money from a blog is not always easy. 

There are several ways to monetize a blog, Ads and affiliate marketing are two ways. To earn an income from blogging, it takes time and dedication and hard work. I use the passive income idea, affiliate marketing, to earn passive income from my blog. I have a detailed step by step guide on how to start a blog. One great affiliate network that accepts new bloggers is shareasale.
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Sell Stock Photos

Every online business uses stock royalty free photos for promotion or branding. For my blog, I have signed up to several stock photos sites, that I purchase my blog photos from. If you have a photography hobby you can start a site where you sell your photos in bundles or singles. It is a great way to generate passive income. Sites such as shutterstock and alamy buys photos if you do not want to set up your own online business. 


Advertise on your vehicle

There are a few scams, but there are legit companies that pay you to advertise on your vehicles. Companies such as autowrapped and pay me for driving. It is like having a billboard on your car!


Create an Online Course

Many bloggers earn passive income from creating online courses helping other bloggers build or establish their business. To sell a course I suggest that you be knowledgeable in the specific area you plan to teach and be comfortable if your lesson include videos. Two really great sites to sell your course through are udemy and teachable. Or you can do so on your own website.



Renting your unused space on AirBnB has become quite popular over the past few years. This allow travelers to rent accommodations that are cheaper and more homely than traditional hotels and motels. AirBnB allows you to advertise your space for potential renters and set your own availabity and price. 


Earn Money For Things You Do Everyday.


Watch Tv shows and Videos

There are sites that pay you to watch tv and videos. Sites such as Swagbucks who also give you a $5 bonus just for signing up.




Believe it or not, you can make money from shopping through rebate apps or sites. Sites such as Ebates give you money for shopping from your favorite retailers via their sites. They give you a percentage idea of how much you will earn before you shop. They are the best rebate program I have come across. Through my link you can earn $10 bonus for signing up.



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